We're a health company and have developed a
system to improve and prolong the quality of independent living for adults over 50
living with diabetes

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Computer Vision and AI

We're a healthcare computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) company. Our proprietary system is beautiful, easy to scale, and we hope will one-day become an irreplaceable feature of independent living around the world.

Our Dream

We dream of enabling adults over 50 with diabetes to live independently with minimal external support. That means no paperwork, no electronic charting, and nothing but personalized care and attention for every customer, every time.

Winning Team - June 2018

We're the 1st prize winner of the Disruptive Solutions for Home Health Pitch Competition at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. The top prize was sponsored by Medline. Our innovative company was selected for the potential to assist caregivers or nurses who empower individuals to live longer & more independently.

Supporting adults over 50 who have diabetes to live at home for longer

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