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Wellivity Prevents Newborn, Child, Adult and Elderly Falls

Elevator Pitch

"I cannot watch my patients 24/7 to prevent falls. What if AI with eyes can watch my patients for me and predict a problem before it happens?"


Think of Wellivity as a Registered Nurse always listening to and watching their patient for continuous monitoring.


Nurses wish they could monitor their sickest patients constantly. Our system delivers that constant watchful eye to help prevent falls.


Nurses spend far too long documenting care so we've automated the process of documenting our observations.


We have an exciting product roadmap and we'd love for you to be a part of it. Connect below to learn about piloting our technology.

The People That Make Wellivity Inc.


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Striving to Succeed

We're the proud recipients of funding and awards.

We were also admitted into the 2018 cohort of IC@3401.

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Wellivity winning first prize for most innovative product

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Member of IC@3401 prestigious incubator in Philadelphia

Prestigious Philadelphia incubator

Member of IC@3401

Conceptualize Us

"Pretend there's a nurse sitting and watching your patient constantly, documenting those observations in the computer and talking to the human care team. That's Wellivity."

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